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EVM Training Information

  • Academy of Program/Project & Engineering Leadership (APPEL) Program Management Course
  • SATERN EVM Online Course
  • In addition to scheduled classroom courses on EVM related topics, there are three EVM courses available on-line through SATERN that allow NASA individuals flexibility in accessing and completing the courses at their own pace. Course descriptions follow:
    • Control Account Manager (CAM) Discussion, Course ID MSFC-003-09. This course is vital for anyone anticipating an IBR or EVMS Surveillance Review. It represents a typical discussion with a CAM during a government review. It also assesses the CAM's use and understanding of an organization's EVMS. The discussion covers all EVMS processes of an organization's system as they pertain to a CAM.
    • Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS), Course ID MSFC-001-09. This EVM Systems training module consists of video, interactive case studies and quizzes. It is designed for individuals who need a basic understanding of the EVM concepts and how it is applied in managing projects.
    • Integrated Baseline Review (IBR), Course ID MSFC-002-09. This course is an in-depth, practical tool that helps individuals fully grasp the IBR process. Designed as a briskly paced presentation, the IBR is an important step in assuring that you understand the desired technical contents of a project and clearly establish schedule, cost and performance goals using EVM. This training explains the entire review process for both the contractor and the customer; and it is formatted to let you target training to those who need it when they need it.